Hi all,

hope you're doing alright as we come slowly out of the meteorlogical gloom.

I've two new A3 riso print designs on my shop

The first is titled The Beast of Hackney and is a black print on white A3 paper. Inspired by the legendary big cat the Beast of Bodmin, but transplanted to an alternative version of London. Supernatural pan-dimensional beings roam the streets on which the council have installed plastic megaliths for alternative worship requirements. This particular one has a handy cashpoint feature but it's being manipulated by the beast. Free cash for all!

Second up is my Let Dogs Drive design (that was first released on t shirts with Friendly Records in Bristol) available in 3 colour variants. Cream, pink and white. That colour combination makes me want to eat ice cream. In case you were wondering, dogs can drive.

I'm starting a Patreon thing towards the end of April where I'll be giving a glimpse into my work in the studio including downloads, exclusive artwork and process videos. I'll be posting more about this as it comes together these mail outs and on my twitter and instagram.

Thanks as always for reading and subscribing and have a great long weekend.