Hi all,

I hope 2024 is treating you kindly. I have a new riso print going live on my shop at 6pm today. We've switched from A3 to A4 on this print and will be producing both sizes as we move into the year. A few people told me they were running out of wall space so you can't say I don't listen to people's requests!

Titled 'Who's Driving?', this new print comes from the result of dozens of drawings in my sketchbook of winding roads. The process behind this print (for those interested) differs a little from the previous prints of 2023. I'm been furiously drawing in my sketchbooks and wanted a hand drawn line rather than a perfect vector illustrated outline for this print. After finalising the pencil sketch, I then traced over it in pen (black Pentel sign pen) on another piece of paper using a lightbox. The inked drawing is then scanned and coloured using Adobe illustrator keeping the hand drawn feel. I'm rather pleased with the results as I hope you will be. 

The prints go on sale at 6pm today (Thursday 25th January) and will be ready to post out to customers this coming Monday as we print the editions, slow and steady wins the race.

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The original ink dawing used for the print artwork (below).

We have a second A4 print that we were going to release alongside this but have now pushed that to the beginning of February. Also I have a 52 page zine/booklet of my sketchbook drawings that I'll be putting up on my shop as soon as they're ordered, behind schedule as well with that. There's so much time that goes into all my projects and some things take a lot longer to realise than expected. That's the special sauce that makes it all taste nice!

Huge thanks as always for reading, looking, subscribing and supporting my artwork. It means the world to me and allows me to keep on making these things. Thank you all very much.

Stay safe, spread love and peace be with you.