Hello again monster friends! We're happy to announce the re launch of our Playbeast shop with some special offers to kick it off. We've reduced the price of Pete's new black and white screenprints for a limited time only with a whopping £10 off each of the 4 prints so don't hang around on this offer! Click here for more details [image 1 165x250][image 2 165x250][image 3 165x250] We also have plans for some new items on the shop over the next few months and will be letting you good people know about that when we have some news. Firstly will be the Crayon skateboards that Pete has designed, one his own design and the other a Super Furry Animals deck. These babies are too good to skate! In the meantime we hope you enjoy your online retail 'experience' and you are enjoying the late summer/autumnal sunshine:) All the beast from Monsterism and Playbeast. http://www.monsterism.net/